Hi everybody,

At last, the Marhaf Legion is here. A project that took so much time has finally come to fruition. Visit the shop to see which miniatures are available and take a look at the news below for more details.



Everything back on track!

Initiative in life usually pays off. In this case, the measures taken earlier this year seem to be paying off and things seem to be getting on track again. All miniatures are back in stock, (thanks a lot to the guys who waited for their miniatures) and new types of miniatures are being cast as these lines are being written. They won't make Christmas unfortunately, but if they miss New Year Day it will be just barely. The devil is still poking Plasmablast Games of course, and some miniatures will take a bit longer to see the light of day but since everything is rolling normally they won't be much later. Hurrah.

On a second note, the main project at the moment is the rules. It's been long overdue for Plasmablast Games to offer its own set of 6mm rules. Soon, a playtestable version will be available, anybody interested in trying them out please send e-mail to info@plasmablastgames.com

Thanks for visitng, everybody have a merry Cristmas and a happy New Year. :)


Everything back in stock!

Following the disappearance of almost all initial Marhaf Legion stock, I'm in the happy position to announce that everything is in stock again, awaiting your orders. Happy shopping!