Things on track again

Plasmablast Games is very close to re-opening the store. A new business partner has been found and the re-opening of the shop not only is imminent but will also come with a "bang": The participation in a great, new and exciting project, namely "Polyversal". Please look at the news entry below for more info.




We are really excited to announce that Plasmablast Games is part of Polyversal, a Kickstarter project (in its second, much-improved installment) aiming to bring together many 6mm sci-fi manufacturers under the same umbrella. This partnership has been nourished over a long time and rest assured Polyversal is not just a crazy idea haphazardly thrown together: Instead, it is a well thought-out game system that will bring the universe of 6mm sci-fi miniatures and gaming hobby under the same roof. For more information visit the Polyversal Kickstarter Page