6mm miniatures - Marhaf Legion page 2

- miniatures are supplied unpainted -

Haedlus Heavy Assault APCHaedlus full view

Haedlus - Heavy Assault APC

Big and heavily armored IFV able to breach fortifications, insert infantry and support it with heavy firepower.

3.2€ each

Ghizar Recon APC
Ghizar full view

Ghizar - Recon APC

Ghizar is a medium-sized wheeled recon vehicle with long range weaponry and ability to carry troops.

1.2€ each

Baan Goerph Heavy InfantryBaan Goerph full view

Baan Goerph - Heavy Infantry

The Baan Goerph Guards are the elite heavy infantry of the Marhaf Legion. Fearsome, steadfast, and extremely heavily armed and armored.

1.2€ /6 figures

Faeldmer Regular infantryFaeldmer full view

Faeldmer - Regular Infantry

The Faeldmer are seriously armed and armored troops that form the backbone of the Marhaf Legion infantry.

0.95€ /6 figures

Gnahm - Stealth InfantryGnahm full view

Gnahm - Stealth Infantry

The Gnahm utilise special signature-reducing armor that enable them to conduct forward recon and other covert operations.

0.95€/6 figures


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