6mm miniatures - Orbital Combine page 2

- miniatures are supplied unpainted -

Tardiss - Support Grav-TankTardiss full view

Tardiss - Support Grav-Tank

Support grav-tank able to carry either multiple omni-threat missile pods or multispectral sensor array. Click image to see both variants.

1.7€ each

Zickel UCAV & Tardiss Grav-Tank
Zickel UCAV & Tardiss Grav-Tank full view

Zickel & Tardiss - UCAV & Control Tank

A testament to the versatility of the Tardiss, this version carries and controls the recon & close support UCAV Zickel. Includes flying base.

2€ each

Corbus - Static Defence TurretCorbus full view

Corbus - Static Defence Turret

Static defence turret utilizing the armament also used on the Tardiss missile variant.

1.7€ each

Zargan - APCZargan full view

Zargan - Armored Personnel Carrier

A heavily modified version of the venerable Tardiss, the Zargan APC is equipped with infantry quick-deploy pods and armed with a repeating laser.

1.3€ each

War Synthetics - Robotic InfantryWar Synthetics full view

War Synthetics - Robotic Infantry

The Orbital Combine War Synthetics form the mainstay of their foot-fighting force. Includes both light and heavy robots.

0.95€/6 figures


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