6mm miniatures - Orbital Combine

- miniatures are supplied unpainted -

Valgaross -Super Heavy TankValgaross full view

Valgaross - Super Heavy grav tank

A hovering monster of a tank, the Valgaross leaves nothing in its wake but destruction, owing to its twin Super Plasma Destructors, Omni-threat missiles, light plasma cannons and repeater lasers.

8€ each

Dralke - Heavy Attack AircraftDralke full view

Dralke - Heavy Attack Aircraft

Heavy support flyer armed with twin plasma guns and twin repeating lasers. Includes flying base.

2€ each

Gammaran - Heavy Grav-TankGammaran full view

Gammaran - Heavy Grav-Tank

Fearful heavy grav-tank, the Gammaran is characterized by its versatility. Click image to see available options.

2€ each

Jagon - Medium Grav-TankJagon full view

Jagon - Medium Grav-Tank

Fast and lethal medium class grav-tank armed with plasma cannon and repeating laser.

1.7€ each

Nizzlebat - Light Grav-TankNizzlebat full view

Nizzlebat - Light Grav-Tank

Ultra-fast light grav-tank armed with light plasma cannon and repeating laser.

1.2€ each


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