6mm miniatures - Progenitor

- miniatures are supplied unpainted -

Eaglebane - Multi-Role FighterEaglebane full view

Eaglebane - Multi-Role Fighter

Versatile fighter aircraft armed with heavy missiles and light gauss guns. Includes flying base.

2€ each

Progenitor Spec Ops InfantrySpec Ops Infantry full view

Covert Ops Infantry

Spec Ops elite infantry for covert, scout, infiltration and other clandestine operations.

0.95€ /6 figures

Progenitor Support InfantrySupport Infantry full view

Support Infantry

Heavily armed infantry that utilizes legged, semi-robotic heavy weapons.

0.95€ /6 figures

Chameleon - Armored Scout VehicleChameleon full view

Chameleon - Armored Scout Vehicle

Armored scout vehicle, ideal for reconnaissance and light raid missions.

0.8€ each


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