Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully through the text following below. If you do not agree with those Terms & Conditions then please do not place any order. If you need a special service please contact us.

  1. Payment

    Payment is done through PayPal. Paypal is fast, easy, secure and hassle-free. For those of you who don't have a PayPal account and don't want to create one, PayPal allows you to pay with your credit card without having an account. If you have any problem with your payment please e-mail us describing your prolem.

  2. Shipment
    1. Shipment Method

      Shipment is done via Registered Airmail. For special circumstances where you need your miniatures super-fast please e-mail us so we can arrange a faster service.

    2. Shipment & Handling Fee

      All orders are shipped with a flat S&H fee of 6 Euros worldwide regardless of destination, shipment size or value. For large packages extra cost is not passed to you as a type of special offer.

    3. Shipment Time

      Shipment is due within 3 working days of the day the order is issued. If for any extraordinary event this can't be achieved you will be notified via e-mail.

    4. Lost Packages

      Registered packages indicated in the on-line tracking machine as "delivered" will be regarded as such. This means we can not compensate for lost packages if they are indicated as "delivered".

  3. Out of stock items

    In the rare circumstance where a miniature is paid for but is out of stock without this being shown on the website, there are three options available:

    1. refund

      The buyer will be refunded for the amount he paid for the out of stock miniature.

    2. delay

      The buyer may choose to delay the shipment of his order until the item is re-stocked.

    3. choice of different item

      The buyer may choose to receive different item(s) of the same value as the out-of-stock item. In all cases buyers will be notified via e-mail.

  4. Copyright

    The logo, pictures and texts published as well as the miniatures sold through this website are protected by copyright law. Copying and publishing or selling anything of the above without written permission is illegal. Plasmablast Games copyright (©) 2009 - 2011 by Marios Damoulianos. All rights reserved.

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