Shipping times return to normal


Hi all,

we are sure recent times have been difficult for all of us and we hope everyone is coping as well as possible.

We would like to inform everyone that shipping times have returned to normal. Global aviation seems to have achieved a degree of operation adequate for normal parcel shipping times. Typical waiting time for US parcels is at about 2 weeks which is entirely normal for non-Christmas period.

We hope everyone gets through this situation with body and mind totally unaffected.

All the best,

Marios & Michael

News Update: re-stocking and shipments


Hello everyone,

for us too, and for reasons we are all aware of, things have been hectic on many fronts. However, we’d like to give an update on a couple of inquiries that appear frequently in e-mails sent to us:

1. Restocking: Restocking of miniatures is already underway and should be arriving within 3 or 4 weeks.

2. Sending orders out: We DO send orders out as post offices here are still open but for safety and convenience reasons we will be sending orders once a week only instead of two as it previously was the case.

We hope that everyone stays safe,

Marios & Michael

New Models


Greetings to all,

we are happy to announce the release of a new Marhaf miniature, the “Khraan” which is a hover-capable troop-carrier aircraft. For more information and pics about this sleek new flyer see here.

Also, the face-lift of the old lines has begun: There are no less than 4 models from the Progenitor faction available, with greatly improved and richer detail. This will gradually happen to all Progenitor and Orbital Combine vehicles, so that they will correspond better to the quality established with the Marhaf faction. To see them in more detail visit:

Upgraded Barracuda
Upgraded Spiderblade
Upgraded Wolfbite
Upgraded Gecko

We certainly hope that you like the improved look of those models 🙂

Marios & Michael