Shipping to the UK


Greetings all,

we would like to inform our customers based in the UK that for the time being orders leave from Greece EU and due to Brexit rules & regulations, may be subject to customs fees. We are working towards transferring our shipping base to the UK itself so in the future there won’t be such an issue.

What this also means is that until this transfer takes place miniature availability is going to suffer and stock will not be replenished, but we do, indeed plan to replenish stock and also release new miniatures.

All the best,

Marios & Michael

Shipping times return to normal


Hi all,

we are sure recent times have been difficult for all of us and we hope everyone is coping as well as possible.

We would like to inform everyone that shipping times have returned to normal. Global aviation seems to have achieved a degree of operation adequate for normal parcel shipping times. Typical waiting time for US parcels is at about 2 weeks which is entirely normal for non-Christmas period.

We hope everyone gets through this situation with body and mind totally unaffected.

All the best,

Marios & Michael