Plasmablast Games is back!


After a long time, Plasmablast Games is finally back. There is a new website, new miniatures, new shop system, and perhaps most important of all: new passion for the project.

I would like to apologize to all people who have been frustrated by this prolonged silence and inactivity that had been going on for almost three years. So many things contributed to this situation that it would be futile (and boring!) to list here, but for one reason or another Plasmablast Games operation was simply not possible. Now everything is in order: there is a new collaborator onboard who takes care of the commercial aspect of the project, namely Michael Sachpazis (welcome Michael!), a new high-quality caster takes care of production and new miniatures are either already available or in the release pipeline. More stuff is to come as well (but nothing will be disclosed as of now).

Older customers or visitors may notice an increase in prices: regarding this, two things need to be mentioned: First, all prices from now on will be in UK Pounds Sterling because the business is now based in the UK. Secondly, you’ll notice some price increases. The increases are nothing to our liking but had to be made because on the one hand tin price has increased significantly since ten years ago and on the other hand, in its ten years of existence Plasmablast Games has never increased its prices and inflation has now rendered a price increase mandatory.

As a finishing remark, I would like to express my gratitude to all people who during those three years of inactivity kept contacting me, asking about Plasmablast’s comeback and expressing their likeness and preference to the Plasmablast miniatures. It was very kind of you to do that and actually helped me remain steadfast and determined to overcome all obstacles and re-open Plasmablast Games. Thank you to all of you, and I’m sorry if you have been frustrated.

My sincere regards to everyone,

Marios Damoulianos

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