Who We Are:

Plasmablast Games is a creative project of tabletop wargaming science fiction miniatures in a dark, brooding and gritty interstellar meta-apocalyptic world. The mastermind – i.e. designer, writer, art director and sole IP owner is Marios Damoulianos, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The commercial aspect is taken care of by Michael Sachpazis, based in the UK.

What we offer:

Plasmablast Games offers a comprehensive line of 6mm scale science fiction miniatures divided (for the time being) into three separate factions: The Progenitors, the Orbital Combine and the Marhaf Legion, which belong to the “Nemesis of Null” interstellar meta-apocalyptic universe.

Plasmablast Games also partakes in Polyversal, a multiverse 6mm tactical wargame belonging to Collins Epic Wargames LLC, based in the US .

For inquiries of any kind please send e-mail.


If you want to know more about what we are passionate about besides science fiction wargames, please visit our Treasure Trove.


Special Thanks:


– Anestis Eleutheriades: For his open and sincere willingness to help during difficult times.

– Demetrios-Adamantios Dritsas: for his long-lasting help and dedication to this project through its first, vulnerable years, without which it would never have come to fruition.

– Anna Panoutsou: For her just being there and believing in the whole affair.

– All customers who have expressed their satisfaction, enthusiasm and love for what Plasmablast Games produces and stands for.


Michael Sachpazis sells Plasmablast Games products under license. The intellectual property rights of the Plasmablast Games trademark, all images, miniature designs and texts, including downloadable material, are sole ownership of Marios Damoulianos unless explicitly stated otherwise. Copyright © 2008-2018 Marios Damoulianos. All rights reserved.

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