M121021 Barracuda Antitank 1
M121021 Barracuda Antitank 2M121021 Barracuda Antitank 3M121021 Barracuda Antitank 4M121021 Barracuda Antitank 5M121022 Barracuda Infantry Support 1M121022 Barracuda Infantry Support 2M121022 Barracuda Infantry Support 3M121023 Barracuda Heavy Missiles 1M121023 Barracuda Heavy Missiles 2M121023 Barracuda Heavy Missiles 3M121024 Barracuda E-M Artillery 1M121024 Barracuda E-M Artillery 2M121024 Barracuda E-M Artillery 3M121025 Barracuda Electronic Warfare 1M121025 Barracuda Electronic Warfare 2

Barracuda Medium Tank



**The miniature has been redesigned and improved with finer and richer detail**

The Barracuda is a venerable design that constitutes the backbone of the Progenitors’ armored formations. This ubiquitous family of medium tanks lies perhaps at a perfectly balanced spot between mobility, armor, payload capacity, cost and logistics requirements. The family consists of no fewer than five different variants and its versatility combined with high interchangeability of parts among variants, means limited need for maintenance support. In turn, this results in high serviceability and combat effectiveness, qualities of obvious value in an era of limited resources and intense hostilities. The Barracuda is one of the most common sights among Progenitor forces, a trusted vehicle that is perhaps one of the symbols of the Progenitor steadfastness and tenacity.

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