M123011 Encegon Heavy Plasma Gun & Missiles 1
M123011 Encegon Heavy Plasma Gun & Missiles 1M123012 Encegon Twin Plasma Gun 2M123012 Encegon Twin Plasma Gun 1M123011 Encegon Heavy Plasma Gun & Missiles 2

Encegon Heavy Tank



The Encegon is a heavy tank excelling at both firepower and protection. Its particularly powerful and highly optimized fusion reactor is able to produce ample amounts of plasma and this translates to devastating plasma weaponry. The first of its two variants features a heavy plasma gun and missiles, suitable for longer range engagements, and the second one is armed with a twin plasma gun, better suited for closer-range fighting. Both are heavily protected with thick, nano-constructor built armor. The Encegon, although not as fast as the Typhark, is better protected and for this reason it is used where the fighting is expected to be the fiercest.

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Heavy Plasma Gun & Missiles, Twin Plasma Gun