M122011 Gammaran Double Plasma 4
M122011 Gammaran Double Plasma 1M122011 Gammaran Double Plasma 2M122011 Gammaran Double Plasma 3M122012 Gammaran Plasma & Missiles 1M122012 Gammaran Plasma & Missiles 2M122013 Gammaran Plasma Destructor 1M122013 Gammaran Plasma Destructor 2M122013 Gammaran Plasma Destructor 3

Gammaran Heavy Tank



The Gammaran is a heavy, combat-proven Orbital Combine hovertank. It features excellent mobility, a combination of physical armor with multi-focal point shield protection and heavy firepower that takes advantage of its strong plasma reactor. The Gammaran comes in three variants: double plasma gun variant for general close-range ground warfare, plasma gun and Omni-Threat missiles variant for longer range and some anti-aircraft capability and finally the fearful Plasma Destructor variant, which carries a light version of the plasma Destructor found on the Valgaross super-heavy tank. An excellent tank overall, the Gammaran is a true staple of the Orbital Combine armed forces.

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