M123051 Phestorm Heavy Missiles 1
M123051 Phestorm Heavy Missiles 2M123053 Phestorm Electronic Warfare 2M123053 Phestorm Electronic Warfare 1M123052 Phestorm AA 2M123052 Phestorm AA 1

Phestorm Support Tank



The Phestorm is responsible for supporting the armored or infantry units that form the Marhaf front line.  Though relatively lightly armored, the Phestorm carries a disproportionately heavy payload which can be tailored to carry out any of the three missions: anti-aircraft protection, ground support,  and electronic warfare. Needless to say, all of those tasks are crucial and the Phestorm can not be considered as anything less than an integral part of any Marhaf Legion force.

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Additional Information


Heavy Missiles, Anti-Aircraft, Electronic Warfare