M121031 Spiderblade Tank Destroyer 1
M121031 Spiderblade Tank Destroyer 2M121031 Spiderblade Tank Destroyer 3M121031 Spiderblade Tank Destroyer 4M121031 Spiderblade Tank Destroyer 5M121032 Spiderblade Infantry Support 1M121032 Spiderblade Infantry Support 2M121032 Spiderblade Infantry Support 3M121032 Spiderblade Infantry Support 4M121033 Spiderblade Heavy Missiles 1M121033 Spiderblade Heavy Missiles 2M121033 Spiderblade Heavy Missiles 3M121034 Spiderblade E-M Artillery 1M121034 Spiderblade E-M Artillery 2M121034 Spiderblade E-M Artillery 3M121035 Spiderblade Electronic Warfare 1M121035 Spiderblade Electronic Warfare 2

Spiderblade Light Tank



**The miniature has been redesigned and improved with finer and richer detail**

The Spiderblade is a Progenitor family of fast & light tanks, derivative of the venerable and ubiquitous Barracuda. Less armor and upgraded engine mean much more speed and it is this speed that gives the Spiderblade its special battle usefulness. The Spiderblade excels at counterattacks, exactly when the enemy must be met swiftly and out of balance, and before they have a chance to consolidate their positions. From a strategic standpoint it is also an important asset as its low weight, reasonable logistics requirements and effective weaponry render it an excellent choice when deployment capability is limited.

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