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Valgaross Super Heavy Tank


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The Valgaross is an immense hovering technological terror Рthe pinnacle of Orbital Combine hovertank technology. Driven partly due to the psychological effect of the appearance of the Tigerclaw, and partly due to the actual necessity of having a vehicle that could, indeed withstand the rigors of combat against both kinetic and plasma-based weapons for prolonged periods of time, the Orbital Combine put all their design prowess into the creation of this machine of destruction. The Valgaross is a monster of survivability. Its multi-focal point shield emitters are multi-layered, there is multiple redundancy in critical systems and the hull of the vehicle employs a network of AI-controlled nano-repair matrices that can repair damage on the go. Its main ordnance consists of twin ultra-heavy plasma destructors which are complemented by an assortment of secondary weapons. Although it has been criticized for its lack of long-range weaponry, the Valgaross is formidable both in attack and defence.

Put shortly, the Valgaross is simply the most powerful land unit in the entire post-Nullity humanoid-occupied space bar perhaps the Progenitor’s equally fearsome Tigerclaw.

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